14 Day

Detox-Cleanse Program

Congratulations! You've Completed Your 14-Day Detox!

You should be very proud of yourself. You made it!
Did you redo the toxicity questionnaire? How did you score this time? 
 Whether you were perfect everyday or you had some rough patches, the important thing is that you did it. You are now healthier than you were 14 days ago and that is something to celebrate. I highly recommend doing a little victory dance right now :-).

During this detox your gut was cleared of bad bacteria and toxins and now it’s time to add some good bacteria back in your system. You should take the Ultra Probiotic for 30 days to replenish the good bacteria in your gut! For those who didn't purchase it in the beginning,  you can go ahead and grab it now. If you are a member of our wellness program, just log into your
portal to purchase. Otherwise, you can purchase it here.
I hope that you will take some of the things you learned during this detox into your everyday life to continue living a healthy and clean lifestyle and keep being an active participant in our private Facebook group.
Detoxing is a part of a healthy lifestyle. See you again in a 4-6 months! 
Watch the final detox video below!


If you want to go further and get a personalized Health Restoration Roadmap to help you navigate what to do next, you should schedule a Health Check Up with me!
Click the button bellow to watch a 15 minute informational video to learn more about how this works!

Email us at membersupport@drparkes.com if you have any questions.