Frequently asked questions

What makes the The Lifestyle Clinic different from other health and wellness programs?

This clinic was founded by licensed, board certified Naturopathic Physician, Dr. Kivette Parkes. Our programs are holistic and combine whole food nutrition, exercise, medical laboratory tests and personalized coaching to help you achieve the best results for you and your body. There is also on going education and resources available to program participants in an ongoing membership model. No other program does this.

How does it work?

We have a Naturopathic medicine membership and a Targeted Lifestyle coaching membership. rWhen you sign up for eith one of these memberships, you get a full health history and lab review for your first session. Based on the analysis of your information, our Naturopathic Doctor will customize nutrition, supplementation and exercise recommendations specifically for you. You follow up once or twice a month to ensure that you are staying on track and getting the desired results.

How do I get started?

To get started today, simply purchase your registration package and scehdule an appoitment online. Click Here

What are my recommendations based on?

No two people are exactly alike in what they need to achieve better health. In order to offer targeted support tailored to your specific needs, we recommend a set of lab tests. These tests check for various health markers such as cholesterol, blood sugar, vitamin D, thyroid hormone, inflammation and liver enzymes. One of our Naturopathic doctors carefully reviews each set of results and customizes nutrition, supplementation and exercise recommendations specifically for you. If you have had tests done recently, you can submit those results. Otherwise, you can order labs through the clinic. We use Quest Diagnostics as our testing center and locations are available in every state.

Is the program safe?

Our wellness programs are 100% natural and holistic. This means we focus on all of the things that work together to make you truly healthy. Because the program is run by Naturopathic doctors, the focus is on restoring your health without the use of drugs or surgery. Our 100% natural approach includes a focus on eating whole, natural foods as well as supplementing with professional grade food based vitamins and herbs where necessary. It is important to disclose any important information such as family and personal history, past surgeries, current medication and supplement use and any allergies. By keeping us up to date on the above information, your Naturopathic doctor will be able to adjust your protocol accordingly.

Do I have to attend meetings?

You will have the luxury of experiencing the entire program in the privacy of your own home. All your communication with your coach is either via phone, video chat. You also order all your supplies through our member-only store and everything is shipped directly to your door. Our group program is done via online group video.

How long is the program?

Our programs are pay-as you go. They are no specific lengths because everyone needs something different. We truly believe health is a lifestyle so we hope to keep our members engaged long term. Follow up sessions can be done as needed without the monthly commitment. Over time, most members do follow ups 2-4 times per year for maintainance.

What kind of diet will I be following?

Our programs are based on eating simple, natural whole foods in or close to their natural state. There is no counting calories or reading complicated nutrition labels. Our menu plans are fully customizable to your diet preference, home life, cooking abilities and schedule. You will be given a grocery list and encouraged to create your own meal options or follow along the with the easy mix and match meal plan.

Do I have to count calories or weigh my food?

Absolutely not!

Will you provide my food for me?

No. We do not provide food.

Am I going to be hungry?

With our programs you should never go hungry. The key to success is planning and never leaving your house without being prepared. You will never have to count calories, you can eat endless amounts of anything on your grocery list because they are simple, natural whole foods that are healthy.

Can I continue to drink alcohol and coffee?

You should minimize and try eliminate all alcohol and coffee.

Can I still go out to eat and socialize?

Yes! We hope that by becoming a member of the Lifestyle Clinic, you will learn more about healthy foods and gain the knowledge to make healthy choices on your own, even when eating out and socializing.

Do I need to exercise?

Yes we do recommend exercise as a part of a healthy and balanced lifestyle. When it comes to exercise, one size does not fit all! Your doctor or coach will guide you based on your abilities, resources, time availability and desired goals. Your customized plan will evolve as your body changes. Your plan may include a walking routine, yoga or weight training at home, on the go if you are traveling, or at a gym if you have access to one.

I’ve never exercised before, will this program work for me?

Yes, whether you are a seasoned athlete or a retired school teacher who has never seen the inside of a gym, our exercise plans can be customized to suit your needs.

Will I be taking vitimins and herbs?

You will focus on eating a simple, natural whole food diet in conjunction with exercise and natural whole food supplements to help you become a healthier, happier you. Our current food supply doesn’t contain all the nutrients that are necessary for good health in the correct amounts. As a result, many illnesses develop due to nutrient deficiencies. By providing those nutrients in a concentrated food-based form, the body can begin to return to normal function and health. Synthetic over the counter supplements do not usually have this effect. Our supplement recommendations are personalized based on individual need.

If I have allergies or dietary restrictions can I still participate?

Yes, you can still participate if you have allergies or dietary restrictions. Please inform us of your restrictions so that our Naturopathic doctors can customize a plan for you.

Do I have to be sick to join?

No. We actually encourage people to join to prevent chronic disease. We work with people with different health conditions but our long term goal is always prevention.

How often do I have to get labs done?

This depends on what your current lab numbers are. Typically labs are checked every 6 - 15 months with some exceptions.

What is a Naturopathic Lifestyle Coach?

All of our Naturopathic Lifestyle Coaches are specially trained by Dr. Parkes. Your personal coach combines the principles of Naturopathic medicine and Lifestyle medicine to promote an easy transition into a healthier life. Your coach will work closely with our Naturopathic doctors to assure that your plan is personalized to your needs. they are there to provide accountability and guidance.

How is Naturopathic Medicine different from regular medicine?

The main difference between Naturopathic medicine and the current standard system of medicine is the philosophy. While a conventional medicine MD (Medical Doctor) works against the body to treat disease with primarily drugs and surgery, Naturopathic medicine goes beyond that, to support the body and treat people instead of treating symptoms or diseases. A typical Naturopathic prescription will generally include lifestyle changes and education to help each patient improve their long-term overall health, not just their current symptoms. Naturopathic medicine is based on six philosophical principles: First Do No Harm– This emphasizes the preservation of life and health and discourages the use of toxic drugs with dangerous side effects.
The Healing Power of Nature– We are provided with everything needed for restoring health in our bodies in nature.
Discover and Treat the Cause– Treating symptoms will never restore true health. Health is only achieved by finding and addressing the root cause of disease.
Treat the Whole Person– It is impossible to treat one area of the body without affecting another. Everything in a single individual is connected.
Doctor as Teacher– The main goal of a Naturopathic doctor is to teach patients how to get well, stay healthy and prevent disease.
Prevention is the Best Cure– Not getting a disease is always better than treating it, hence disease prevention is paramount in every case.

Can I participate if I have a medical condition like diabetes, high blood pressure, etc?

Our programs are completely safe if you have a pre-existing medical condition. The goal is actually to help reverse chronic, lifestyle-related disease patterns and get you healthier without drugs or surgery.

I am taking multiple medications, can I still safely participate in the Not Just Weight program?

Yes, the Not Just Weight program is very safe. When you fill out your registration form, please list all medications. There are some supplements that may have adverse reactions with some medications, so please be sure to list all of your medications, including over the counter and vitamins.

Will the program help me to decrease the amount of medications I am taking?

Only the physician who prescribed your medications can take you off of them but our wellness programs can help you get to a healthy enough point to do so. After a few months, of membership, you may be able to visit your prrescriber with positive results and in most cases, they will work with you to cut down medications you are taking.

I’m a busy mom/dad/student/etc, will it be difficult for me to follow?

Our program will individually cater to you and your busy lifestyle. It is difficult to live a healthy lifestyle without direction, our doctors and coaches will help you stay on track and get healthy even with a busy life.

What are the perks of joining?

Once you become a member of the Lifestyle Clinic, you will have access to our members-only site including recipes, natural whole food supplements, exercise videos, coaching sessions, community and much more.

Will my insurance cover this program?

We accept flexible spending cards and health savings accounts (HSA) or (FSA) as forms of payment. Insurance reimbursement is generally based on disease diagnosis codes and procedure codes. Our approach is to address the whole person, not treat any diseases or symptoms. Since there are no prescriptions, treatment of diseases or diaganosis codes, we are not associated with any insurance company. All services are self-pay.

How much does it cost?

Our rates are on on our services page. Click Here