Targeted Lifestyle Coaching Annual Membership

Targeted Lifestyle Coaching Annual Membership

$4,995.00 Regular Price
$2,495.00Sale Price

Your registration gets the ball rolling on your new lifestyle modification program! We are very excited to help you achieve and maintain the level of health you deserve.



Your registration package includes the following: 
Comprehensive Intake Session
Up to 14 Private Naturopathic Lifestyle Coaching Sessions


Annual Comprehensive Lab Tests
Personalized Lab Analysis
Healthy Lifestyler Online Wellness Bootcamp
Access to Lifestyler Club Group Coaching Sessions
Meal Plans
Fitness Guides

Exclusive Member - Only Supplement Discounts 
Exclusive Member - Only Course Discounts
Unlimited Private Messaging
Online Food and Mood Journal


 **Our Practice is virtual which means we are 100% location-free. All sessions are done via phone or video from the privacy of your home/office or wherever you have internet/phone service.

 **Your initial annual membership fee includes up to 14 private Naturopathic Lifestyle Coaching Sessions. You MUST reschedule or cancel your session at least 24 hrs before your appointment, otherwise, a session will be docked from your plan. No credit is given for missed sessions. Sessions do not roll over from year to year. Your membership starts on the day of your initial intake session and ends approximately 12 months later.


Fee Disclosure
Renewal Fee: $1,497/year
Extra Follow Up Sessions with an Active Membership: $125
Follow Up Sessions without an Active Membership: $150

Your membership will automatically renew approximately 12 months later at the renewal rate of $1,497 and includes 6 sessions per year after the first year.

*All fees are subject to change over time. 


You may cancel your membership at any time by sending your request via email to at least 30 days before your renewal date.


**Please note - you will be responsible for any additional costs associated with your wellness plan. These may include the cost of additional lab tests, healthy groceries, and herbal supplements if these things are recommended as a part of your personalized plan.