Targeted Lifestyle Coaching Registration - New Member


Your registration gets the ball rolling on your new lifestyle modification program! We are very excited to help you achieve and maintain the level of health you deserve.



Your registration package includes the following:

  • Initial One-on-One Set-Up Session

  • Comprehensive Health History Review

  • Customized Lifestyle, Nutrition, Supplementation & Exercise Recommendations

  • Monthly Follow Up Coaching Sessions @ $97/momth

  • Unlimited Access to Our Private Lifestyler Facebook Community


*All sessions are done via phone or video.


*Once you complete your initial set up session with your coach, you will have access to monthly one on one coaching sessions. Please note that all coaching sessions are prepaid monthly on the 1st of each month. You MUST reschedule or cancel your session at least 24 hrs before your appointment. Late cancellations will result in the full charge of your session ($97). No credit is given for missed coaching sessions.

Please note

You will receive an emailed invoice to complete your registration for your recurring billing. Your registration is not complete until the recurring billing agreement is completed. Your recurring billing payment will begin the month following your initial session and will continue on the 1st of each month.

Recurring Billing Amount: $97

*You will have access to one coaching session per month. There will be no credit given for missed sessions.

**Acceptance into The Targeted Lifestyle Coaching program will be completed once you are approved as a qualified candidate for the program based on your health history. In a small number of cases, you may not be eligible to participate due to the presence of certain health conditions as determined by our supervising physician.


*All fees are subject to change over time.

Type of Follow Up Sessions