Ultimate Immunity Package

Ultimate Immunity Package


This Package includes a 30-day supply:


  • 2 containers of Easy Meal Protein Powder (2 flavors: French Vanilla or Dutch Chocolate)
  • 1 container of Daily Organic Greens
  • 1 bottle of AntimicrobeX
  • 1 bottle of Ultra Vitamin D


Easy Meal Protein Powder

- Supports Healthy Body Weight
- Complete Multivitamin 
- Vegan
- Dairy and Gluten Free

- Two Flavors: French Vanilla or Dutch Chocolate


Daily Organic Greens

- Supports Healthy Immune System Function
- Supports Healthy Digestion
- Contains More Than 6 Servings of Vegetables
- Contains Probiotics



- Supports GI Health
- Promotes Healthy Digestion
- Vegan
- Dairy and Gluten Free


Ultra Vitamin D

- The Most Bioavailable source of Vitamin D
- Also Has Vitamin K2 for Better Absorption
- Effectively restores healthy Vitamin D Levels
- Supports a Healthy Immune System
- Dairy and Gluten Free