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This one-on-one coaching program helps people create and maintain healthier lifestyles. You get a Naturopathic Lifestyle Coach who works directly with you to address specific health and wellness concerns with targeted, natural solutions based on your lab results and health history. 

Who Is This For?

People who have specific concerns or those taking medications want personalized help to reach health goals.

Annual Membership Fee TODAY - $2497
(Regular Price $4997)



Program Includes:

  • 1 x 90 Minute Initial Intake Session

  • 14 x 30 Minute Coaching Sessions

  • Detailed Lab Analysis

  • Personalized Herb & Supplement Recommendations

  • Personalized Nutrition Plan

  • Unlimited Messaging with Coach

  • Personalized Lifestyle Modification Plan


  • Comprehensive Lab Panel

  • Access to 6 week The Lifestyler Bootcamp Online Course.

  • Access to The Lifestyler Club Benefits

  • Member-Only Supplement and Course Discounts

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This virtual group coaching program helps people create and maintain healthier lifestyles. The Lifestyler Club focuses on the two most important pillars of wellness: education, and accountability. The sessions are done via group video call twice each month. Members can choose a session or attend both sessions.

Who Is This For?

People who need help starting and  maintaining healthy lifestyle habits to  prevent disease.

Annual Membership Fee TODAY - $997 

(Regular Price $1997)

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Program Includes:

  • Natural Wellness Education Curriculum

  • General Health Herb & Supplement Recommendations

  • Holistic Recipe Guides

  • Holistic Meal Plans

  • Lifestyle Fitness Guides

  • Ongoing Wellness Education

  • Up to 2 x Monthly Group Sessions


  • Access to 6 week The Lifestyler Bootcamp Online Course and Bonuses.

  • Member-Only Supplement and Course Discounts

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Online Course


This 6-week DIY, no-fluff online course is the foundational information needed to live a healthy lifestyle.

This program discusses the basics of nutrition, exercise, mindset, and wellness. It is an essential part of all our higher-level memberships and it can also be used as a stand-alone program. 

Who Is This For?

People who need direction and  education about living a natural, healthy lifestyle.

Course Registration Fee TODAY - $247 

(Regular Price - $497)

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Program Teaches:

  • The 3 Fundamentals of Holistic Health

  • What Your Lab Numbers really mean

  • Fat Loss vs Weight Loss

  • Manging Stress

  • Long Term Wellness and Prevention for - Heart Disease, Diabetes and Cancer

  • The #1 type of Exercise you need

  • Real Life Wellness Hacks


  • Healthy Grocery List

  • How to Grocery Shop like a PRO!

  • Quick Start Guide

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Other Services

Not sure if membership is for you but you would like to get lab work done and have an analysis and recommendations made based on your results? Schedule our Comprehensive Lab Testing and Naturopathic Assessment.

Cost: $1997

Have questions about our membership plans? Schedule a consult with our member concierge.

Cost: $47

Curious about our supplement line but not sure what to take? We offer supplement consults!

Cost: $97

Need a Non-invasive, energetic approach to your wellness? We offer Laser Acupuncture and Homeopathy in Charlotte, NC!

Cost: $75