Focused Wellness Solutions


Do you struggle to get on track with a healthy lifestyle?

Once you get on track do you fall off track because life happens?

Do you ever wish that there was a way to reach your wellness goals and

stick to the plan once and for all?


You are not alone...In fact, there is a group of people just like you!

We have come up with the perfect solution!

The Targeted Lifestyle One-On-One Coaching Program!

Our targeted lifestyle coaching program is for anyone who wants a natural solution for specific health concerns. Like all our programs, this program is done remotely. This means, as long as you have a phone or internet access you have access to a specially trained

Naturopathic Lifestyle coach. 


We identify and address the underlying causes

of your health issues instead of putting a band-aid on them.

Best of all, we use 100% natural remedies to get your body back in balance.

This flexible program allows you to follow up with your coach as needed to achieve and maintain

the highest level of health and wellness long term.


The Lifestyle Coaching Program is focused on long term success, which means it goes beyond the symptoms to address the real causes of lifestyle-related conditions. This is a targeted approach for reversing many lifestyle-related health issues. When you enroll in this program, you get a personal Naturopathic Lifestyle Coach who works with you every step of the way.


Ready for a real change? We will help you every step of the way to a healthier and happier YOU!


Get Registered
Receive a Personal Game Plan
Get Coaching and Support


I have not felt this good in years! I have no more joint pain. I take zero medications and my energy is through the roof. This is a lifestyle for me and I will never go back to my old way of living.

Carmen, 51


  • Initial One-on-One Set-Up Session
    The initial session with your personal coach sets you up for success with the program. Your personalized plan is laid out for you step by step so you can see exactly what you will need to do to achieve your results. You get started with your new lifestyle plan immediately with precise, targeted, natural solutions for your body. 

  • One-on-One Monthly Follow Up Sessions
    Health is a lifestyle. Even with the best plan, life happens and having monthly sessions with your coach is a strategic, built-in form of accountability and support that allows you to have the greatest chance of long term success.

  • Health History Review
    A comprehensive review of your health history which includes current symptoms, diagnosis, and medications as well as your previous concerns, surgeries and family history.

  • Customized Lifestyle, Nutrition, Supplementation & Exercise Recommendations
    We make recommendations based on your family history, your health goals & your current state of health and wellness. You will have access to our member-only high-quality supplements as well as nutrition and fitness instruction.

  • Unlimited Access to Our Private Lifestyler Facebook Community
    Stay accountable and motivated by sharing and interacting with people who are on the same journey as you are. Participate in fun challenges, win awesome prizes and cheer others on as they cheer you on and motivate you to stay on track. Best of all, you get complete and total access to Dr. Parkes, all the coaches the entire support team! 



Your Program Includes:

  • Complete Health History Review

  • Your Initial Set-Up Session  

  • Customized Supplement Plan

  • Customized Nutrition Plan

  • Customized Fitness Plan

  • Lifestyle Modification Plan

  • Monthly Coaching Sessions

$497 Initial Registration Fee

Then $97/month for coaching