When I first started the Not Just Weight program, I was tired, fat and angry. My body had betrayed me. I couldn’t sleep at night. I had all sorts of pain and I was taking 7 different prescription drugs for cholesterol, diabetes, blood pressure and pain at the age of 54.

Fast forward two years later and I barely recognize my life. I have a new career and a new body. I lost 52 lbs and I am no longer diabetic and I have normal blood pressure. I am completely drug free. Dr. Parkes helped me to recognize that my stressful job and lack of time to take care of myself was to blame for my poor health. I learned to make myself a priority and I just got back from a cruise where I wore a bathing suit in public for the first time since my twenties. I couldn’t say thank you enough to express how grateful I am for this new chance at life.

-Kathy S.